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I am an avid needleworker and quilter from Plainwell, Michigan. Plainwell is located about 10 miles north of Kalamazoo, Michigan and is situated on an island in the Kalamzoo River. The Kalamazoo River is an EPA area of concern due to PCB contamination from the numerous paper mills along the river. For more information see Kalamazoo River Superfund Site and wikiPedia

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You can never have enough scissors

I have discovered that you can never have enough scissors around. It all started when my mother passed away and I inherited all her sewing notions. I ended up with lots of Fischar scissors and two pair of pinking shears. Then I discovered the scissors used for scapbooking - they come in so many interesting patterns. Even through they only cut paper, I had to get a few.

My lastest addtions came yesterday via UPS. A pair from France (with a Bunny) and Germany. Now I blame part of myt 3.5 inch collection on Pat Campbell. Pat is an incredible applique designer and is internationally known for her Jacobean Applique quilt books. I attended a workshop Pat taught in Jan of 2004. Part of her talk was about her passion for scissors - and she showed us all different kinds. Of course she also sells several types on her web site (www.patcampbell.com). I fell in love with the 3" preemies from Italy, and since I was ordering a few other things from her web site, threw in a pair Klasse 3-3/4" scissors as well. Added to my two existing pair of Gingher scissors (my first pair was the Pewter finish fleur-de-lis, the second a cheaper model coz I couldn't find the first pair..) , I now had 4 pair. But then, I discovered Dovo and Wassa scissors, too. So now I have

two pair from Pakistan (Klasse blue handles and titiaum stork from Cougar) these are cheap but good
one Dovo black teflon finish (one of the best)
two Wasa - a stork pair (my current favorites) and another pair similar to my Gingher
two from France (the Fleur and the Bunny)
and the two Gingher