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Thursday, February 22, 2007

If I moved to Jupiter would I have more stitching time?

I was thinking this morning that if I lived on Jupiter I might have more stitching time. I figured Jupiter's days were nice and long. Being so big and all, I thought it would take longer to revolve about its axis. But it's not true. It only takes 9.8 earthly hours for Jupiter to revolve around once, so moving to Jupiter the planet, would not be a good idea (for so many reasons).

It turns out Venus would be the place...if one could stand the heat. The days are longer there (but the years are shorter). Now this does raise the question: If I could stand the heat and I moved to Jupiter, FLORIDA would I get more stitching done? These philosophical conundrums are so exhausting.

  1. Above is my progress on Chatelaine' s Mystery X. I should finish it before March 1 when the next part goes online.

  2. I finally finished my second flamingo table topper - two down, one to go! I love table toppers. Clickon the flamingos to see the whole thing


  3. Here's progress on Brad and Nancy's French Alphabet Sampler

  4. And I couldn't resist the Cirque des Cercles - started on 36 count Edinbough using Silkweavers Everglades and Gloriana Silk - Rain Forest.

  5. Maybe I'll finish this TT soon. I ran out of one of the threads and had to order it.

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