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Below are reaons why I never have any groceries in the refridge

Moon Phases
Moon Phases Explained
Current Moon Phase


AWF: Africa

The Best of Needlework
Gerda Bengtsson, Danish Handcraft Guild,
         Danish Stitchery (true to life wildflowers)
Paula Minkebige, Cross Winged Collection
Ginnie Tompson, John James Audubon’s Birds in Cross Stitch (out of print)
Claudia Dutcher, Dutch Treat Designs,
         easy gifts to stitch.
Adaptations of Barbara Stones Polar Bears,
         Stars of the North (out of print)
Amarilys Artworks Mandela Series
Martina (Weber) Rosenberg, Chatelaine Designs
        Mandelas (Sparklely, beautiful, and
        addicting BAP's

Embroidery Information
(join your local EGA!)

Emobroiderers Guild of America (EGA)
Great Lakes Region of the EGA
Kalamazoo EGA - you can find us on Facebook, too

Information For Those Who Love Embroidery
Wonderful Stitches WWW

Blackwork Embroidery Archives
Sharon B's Stitches for Embroidery and Needlework
Videos from Needle and Thread on how to do some interesting sttiches

Victoria Sampler also has some good videos
Suzy's Stitches for iPhone


Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Environmental Indicators Home Page
GeoGraphical Birding Guide
Bird Life.org
Internet Bird Collection (lots of videos)
All About Bird Baths
Birds and Birding (from MEL)
African Bird Club
Birding Michigan
New Jersey Online Weather
U of M Museum Birds
Perterson On-line
Why do people go bird watching?
A History of American Bird Watching
The Big Year (a movie)

Kids guide to building bird houses
Beginners Guide to Bird Watching

Bats Fly Too
Bat Conservation website, wikipedia
Bat Conservation International
Indiana Bat (endangered)
Go bat watching in OK
Bat watching in Texas
Bats and Rabies

Local environmental groups:
Kalamazoo Audubon Society
Michigan Audubon Society
SW Michigan Land Conservancy
Kalamazoo Valley Sierra Club
Kalamazoo Environmental Council
Michigan Botanical Club

Local Nature Preserves and Sanctuaries:
Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Audubon Sanctuary (maybe you'll see a Whooping Crane, I did!)
Kalamazoo Nature Center
West Lake Nature Preserve, great for ducks in the spring
Markin Glen Park
Colbrook Park
Kalamazoo River Trail
Mildred Harris Sanctuary
Martha Mott Sanctuary
Kleinstuck Preserve
Asylum Lake Preserve
Allegan State Game Area
A list of Michigan Natural Areas


Updated: 17-Aug-2016