Collegiate Objective
For College, I plan to find out what it is I'm capable of doing and what I should do with my future.  That is just the easy part for me though, after that I have to concentrate on the studies needed for my career and strive to achieve the best that I possibly can.  I need to make the most out of this oppurtunity not only because my family and friends hope for me to, it is because I want to prove to myself that I am worthy.  With everything planned out, than maybe I can start seeing my future and my place in it.  I want to be an important figure when I grow up and make big decisions that affect not just me.  I want to be remembered and appreciated by everyone I know and more.  My objective won't be easy and I doubt that I can keep my cool up forever.  Their will be hardships, obstacles and times that I just want to quit.  I will do everything in my power to keep it together and strive to succeed. With the support of God and the encouragement from family I know that I can succeed in my education, business, and life. With them at my side I have nothing to fear.