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Integrated Supply Management
Integrated Supply Management is a broad career field in business that involves careers as consultants, managers, and logistics representatives.  It follows raw materials and products
as they transfer between companies and finally end up on shelves in stores.  Supply Chain majors also work in the service industry with their skills at improving efficiency and
business models.  ISM provides a solid background in technology and its role in businesses and business processes, and students can be hired into analytical positions and
information tech departments.

Supply Chain Management Wiki
Is the management of interconnected businesses in the creation and delivery of a product. Suppply Chain focuses on improving efficiencies in how businesses operate together to
develop and ship a product.  Organizations rely on effective networking to thrive in a global economy.  Businesses must be organized and structured to follow the chain of companies
most effectively to cut costs and increase output.  Supply Chain focuses on flexibility and efficiency between companies.  Problems addressed include cash flow, inventory management
, distribution strategy, and networking configuration.