Collegiate Objective
    My goal when comming to college at WMU is to take the next step in my life. College is a time when you really learn who you are and what kind of person you are going to be in life. Everyone comes to college with common goals in mind, getting a degree, having fun before you are completly on your own, and overall proving to yourself that you can do it. I want to succeed at everything I do in life, and college gives me the oppertunity to succeed in my professional life. There are a lot of thing I want to take away from my college experence, but I really just want to grow as a person, and prove to myself that I can do anything I put my heart into.
   College is a vast oppertunity to learn and grow as an individual, and if you come out of college with more knowledge not only about the professional level but on an individual level than i would say the investment was far worth the time and money.

Shawn Goulooze