As of right now I believe I want to go into finance and realeste, the reasons that have made me come to this decision is because I view myself as a competitive person as well as a people person. And from what I understand these majors have a pretty good grasp on both of those.  With saying that, I have chosen to research points that enforce my opinion.

                When I first began researching I found a perfect link called “A Blood Sport”.  It is an article about how the conservative party went to controversial lengths to win over the people in the up and coming election at the time, I assume. To remind you, I did not read this article into great lengths because I am only interested in the competiveness the advertiser went into and lengths he took to win his goal. Which is to sway as many voters as he could, I am going to share with you a sentence from this article that proves my point, “His posters seemed inspired by a Monty Python collage They showed Tony Blair, the Labour leader, with demonic bloodshot eyes, and so offended the Advertising Standards Authority that it told the Conservative Party to stop using them.”(A Blood Sport)  It is articles like this that really interest me and prove to me that this is the field that I want to go in.

                With my second example I have found an article that is not so much on the competitive side but more on the personable side.  From just using common sense it is easy to automatically see why marketing/advertising/sales would be perfect for a people person.  For sales you get to talk face to face and try to persuade someone into thinking that your product you are trying to sell is the best and marketing/advertising because you are connecting to 10 to more preferably (for me) millions of people through advertisements on the web or television. One source that I have found is an article that talks about advertising for the “American Superbowl” and the “Europe's Champions League football final”. The article goes on to say, “Last year's final attracted an average audience of 86m people.”(Business: Spot the Eyeball; Advertising) Not only do the advertisers have to compete against each other they also have to try to sell their product to 93 million people while keeping their attention. That is a challenge that I would love to take on.

                To conclude, I think I have made a good argument and proved the point I was trying to make on why finance and real easte is the perfect field for me to go into, with its perfect blend of competiveness and personable skills one would need to excel in the field.

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