"Of all the paths you travel, make sure a few of them are dirt"- John Muir


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Fun Facts about my travels.

In the fall of 2003 I spent three weeks on the Appalachian trail
successfully hiking the section that crosses through Tennessee and into Virginia.


My five favorite moments included:


1. Seeing Black Bear cubs in the wild

2. Experiencing extreme solitude

3. Learning my strengths and weaknesses

4. Climbing into my cozy sleeping bag at the end of a long day

5. The other people I met along the trail.


In 2008 I traveled to New Zealand, where I spent six months traveling both the
North and South Islands. This trip brought an amazing amount of joy and adventure
into my life.


My favorite moments included:


1. Experiencing tiny Blue penguins coming in for the night into a flax "forest"

2. Climbing Key Summit and experiencing being so high in the air that I could
see clouds being formed off of the tops of the neighboring mountains.

3. Sleeping in hostels and meeting so many different people from around the world.

4. Hiking for days along the pristine coastline of the Abel Tasman Coastal track.

5. Crewing a tall ship that took tourist out into the Fjord lands,
and jumping off the mast into the freezing glacial run-off water.

6. Being as far south as you can go on a land mass without traveling all the
way to the South Pole.

7. Experiencing a different culture and lifestyle.


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