Collegiate Objective
  I have been looking toward coming to college my whole life, I feel like it was because of the way our generation was raised, we all strive to get a better education. I am here at WMU to study Economics, but also to round off my teenage years and begin my adult life. The truth is that us college kids are just that; kids that are still learning how to survive in the real world, not just in the workplace. Here at school I have gotten to know many new and exciting people that also want to experience all we can in life and continue to learn from our experiences. As far as school goes, I finished out high school with at 3.75 GPA and started the year with a 3.8 in the first simester. Over the years I hope to aquare all of the necessary skills to be able to enter into the workforce as a financial adviser. Whatever life throws at me, I will be sure to make the best of it.