Collegiate Objective

 Throughout my life, learning has been very important. My mother and father always taught me to value an education and to become genuinely interested in other people. A large part of learning and insight can be gained by simply listening to what others have to say. Within a generation of bloggers, instagrammers, and, tweeters, too much emphasis is placed upon "what do I have to say" as opposed to "who can I listen to and  learn from to better both myself and others". My mother is a Spanish teacher at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, Michigan and she has always understood that imersing oneself in another culture and language to be of vital importance. By traveling to Spain in July 2012, I was able to gain knowledge of a highly diverse nation and explored a beautiful and culturally unique region called the Basque Country. The Basque have a completely separate language from the Spaniards and a separate ethinic heritage, yet they have been subjugated by the Spanish for centuries. Learning a few, small phrases of their native language truly makes a difference in everyday interactions with the Basque people. Taking the time to listen and pay attention to their cultural differences made social interaction optimal and made them receptive to answering any questions I had. Listening and respecting other cultures are key aspects involved in learning and collegiate success.

As a junior and a behavioral science major at WMU, I hope to become involved with an autism practicum and later complete an honors thesis within the psychology department. I have spent one semester as a T.A. for Dr. Malott's Behavior Analysis Training System (BATS) and hope to continue to become a research assistant before I graduate. As Dr. Malott would say: "I want to save the world with Behavior Analysis!", personally by completing my undergraduate degree and going on to a behavior analysis graduate school. For my minor, I chose general business because I wanted to properly prepare myself for working for a company, better understanding industry, and gain excellent career building skills. I am also a member of the Lee Honors College and hope to take on a second minor in either criminal justice or law.