Students & Faculty Statistics


Class Fall of 2012 Headcount
Undergraduate Non-Degree 434
Freshmen 4,093
Sophomore 4,160
Junior 4,665
Senior 6,126
Graduate Non-Degree 541
Masters 3,736
Specialist 5
Doctoral 838
All Students 24,598

The University has garnered such success by encouraging an emphasis on both teaching and research. Many of WMU’s more than 915 full-time faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research, helping to enhance the body of knowledge and, at the same time, ensuring their students have access to the most current information.

Engagement with the communities it serves, innovation and outreach to enhance economic development have become the University’s hallmarks in recent years. WMU plays an integral part in efforts to diversify the state’s economy and has partnered locally with two world-class teaching hospitals to launch a new medical school in 2014.

In recent years, the University also has focused on access to technology for both faculty and students, becoming one of the first major universities in the nation to offer campuswide wireless computing.

Both the faculty and the student body reflect WMU’s reputation in the world and its commitment to diversity. The University attracts students from across the nation and from some 90 other countries. Minority students comprise nearly 18 percent of the student population, while international students make up an additional 5 percent. WMU’s faculty members have been trained at some of the world’s finest institutions, and they bring to the campus a global perspective that enhances the learning environment.