Collegiate Objective
My true and personal goal on entering college is to meet new people and to accomplish my life long dream of getting a college degree. College is suppose to be a life changing experience from the many people you meet to the many different classes you take, getting to know the campus, and many more things. truely, I am not just here for all fun and games but, also to begin the step by step process that will allow me to start my career of choice.
As my professional skills are refined and changed I look forward to gaining experience and "learning what the job takes?" seeing the new challenges it has for me. Listening to wisdom of many before me. Planning on getting a 4.00 GPA in all subjects during my Collegiate journey. Joining new business organizations and various societies to be able to take advantage of the opprotunities that come my way. So, then when I do graduate the companies will be looking for me to be apart of their companies.