The Major of my Choice

      Many people see food and CPG marketing as a major that doesn't exist but, you are wrong. Food and CPG marketing is a rare field that many have not even heard about before. Looking at the many companies that hire students straight out of college with degrees in food and CPG marketing the opportunities are endless. Since people will always need food then this major is perfect for a long lasting career.

       Food and consumer packaging goods marketing is using all the skills that any business major would use in a regular marketing job the only difference is that with this degree an individual is specialized. Many say “ the connection between the technical and marketing activities of the food industry applies marketing management”(Schaffner237). Food and CPG marketing is a field anyone can obtain a job in with the right credentials. Food and CPG marketing is a fun filled major while also fulfilling all the requirements of a regular marketing job.



Schaffner, David J. " Agricultural & Applied Economics Association." Oxford Journals (2013)