Review Material III

       Chapter 28:
       Nucleic acid structure (DNA verses RNA)
       Nucleic acid fractionation including solution methods, chromatography, and electrophoresis, centrifugation
       Nucleic acid detection methods, Southern blotting
       Restriction analysis, blunt end or sticky ends (5Õoverhang and 3Õoverhang)
       Sequencing: dideoxy verses chemical method
       Strategies for cloning: choosing appropriate vector, restriction sites to use, size of DNA to be cloned, ligation, amplification
       Polymerase chain reaction

       Chapter 29 and 30:
       Central dogma: DNA directs its own replication and its transcription to RNA which, in turn, directs its own
       translation to proteins.

       eukaryote verses prokaryote regulation of transcription
       gene structure, including promoter/operators, introns, exons, cis elements
       transcription and translation proceed in three stages, initiation, elongation and termination; factors that associtate with theses stages
       direct and control the processes
        Problem set for chapters 28, 29, 30

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