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Slide Set 1: Anatomy and Physiology of Voice Production


Laryngeal Anatomy Review 1 (Youtube)

Laryngeal Anatomy Review 2 (Youtube)

Laryngeal Anatomy Review 3 (Youtube)

Laryngeal Anatomy Review 4 (Youtube)

The Vibrating Larynx part 1

The Vibrating Larynx part 2

The Vibrating Larynx part 3

The Vibrating Larynx part 4
Slide Set 2: Intro to Voice Disorders (pptx)

Slide Set 3: Clinical Evaluation (pptx)

Slide Set 4: Instrumental Evaluation (pptx)

Williams (2003) (pdf)
CAPE-V instructions (pdf)
CAPE-V form (doc)
VHI form (pdf)

Voice Quality Rating excercise instructions (doc)


Clinical Procedures:
Performing a Case History (authorstream)

Voice Sample Collection (authorstream)

Voice Sample Collection:

Introduction to Alvin2 Voice Recorder (Youtube)

Tutorials: voice acoustic analysis
(informational rather than required)

TF32 Acoustic Analysis Tool Part 1 (Youtube)

TF32 Acoustic Analysis Tool Part 2 (Youtube)

Speaking F0 Measurement (Youtube)

Phonational Frequency Range (Youtube)

Voice Peturbation Analysis (Youtube)

Digital Signal Recording (Authorstream)

Links to free Software:
tf32.exe (acoustic analysis program)

University College London Phonetics site
(free software)

Praat Software


SpeechTool and Alvin

Vocal Tract Lab
Slide Set 5: Structural Pathologies of the Vocal Folds (pptx)

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
Additional Readings

Ford, JAMA (2005) (pdf)

Williams et al (2004) (pdf)

Vavricka et al. (2007) (pdf)

Vocal Hygiene (doc)

Vocal Function Exercises/Resonance Tx (doc)

LPR Recommendations (doc)

Reflux Symptom Index (RSI) (doc)

Cochrane Review: Antibiotics (pdf)

Cochrane Review: Vocal Nodules (pdf)

Cochrane Review: Reflux and Voice (pdf)
Functional Voice Disorders
Roy (2003) (pdf)

Cochrane Review: "Functional" voice (pdf)

Neurogenic Voice Disorders

Ludlow (2009)
Pearson & Sapienza (pdf)

Rubin & Sataloff (pdf)

Cochrane Review: BOTOX (pdf)
Paradoxical Vocal Fold Dysfunction (ppt) Mathers-Schmidt (2001) (pdf)
Sandage & Zelazny (pdf)

Voice Disorders in Children (ppt)
Ruddy and Sapienza (pdf)  
Lee et al (pdf)

Gender Reassignment Pausewang Gelfer (1999) (pdf)

Professional Voice Schenider & Sataloff (2007) (pdf)


Instructions (docx)

Completed VHI form (pdf)

Blank CAPE V form (pdf)

Sample report (doc)

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