Growing Local Roots


Kalamazoo Cuisine Features Local Products

How do Kalamazoo restaurants incorporate locally grown produce, meat, dairy and even alcohol into their menus? Food Dance, located in downtown Kalamazoo, is the capstone restaurant in the city leading the way by showcasing local products on its menu. Other area restaurants also are bringing chefs and farmers together to create locally inspired menus.

“Grown on Site"
The Grand Rapids restaurant, the Blue Water Grill, is devoted to eating local by growing produce in their own on-site garden. Executive Chef Jeff Kerr and his team turn these items into fresh, locally-based dishes.

 “Students Find More Sustainable Food Options on Campus”

University Dining Services and a new student-run café respond to WMU students’ request for more sustainable and healthier food options.


Kalamazoo Cuisine Features Local Products

“Pigs on a Farm, Not in a Factory: Chipotle Opens in Kalamazoo

The Chipotle restaurant chain opened its doors in early November introducing their Food with Integrity philosophy to the Kalamazoo area and focusing on naturally raised meats from farms instead of factories.

Slideshow photos by: Alex Harvey