Asian carp threaten Great Lakes

The Great Lakes have already been tested by the likes of resource-devouring mussels and blood-sucking lampreys. The next test: Asian Carp.

As renewable industries grow, education follows

It soars 145 feet over Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Texas Township campus. Its long blades rotating in the otherwise invisible breeze.

Art reflects environment

A canvas on the wall, paintbrush in hand and music playing in the background is how Interdisciplinary Development through Education and Art (I.D.E.A.) has decided to tackle local sustainability issues in Kalamazoo.

From Algae to Fuel

A new fuel source is emerging on the market that burns cleaner, promotes economic growth, and helps save ecosystems.

Energy Efficient Homes Save Money

Cash incentives are being offered to homeowners and businesses seeking to defray the cost of energy efficient upgrades.

WMU’s Dining Services reduces carbon footprint

Many Western Michigan University students be will happy to learn that when they eat in the WMU dining halls, they are supporting sustainability thanks to the Locally Sourced Initiative.

DSK supports sustainability

Drive Safe Kalamazoo, Michigan’s only student-run safe-ride program, has made changes from reducing gas usage to cutting down on paper waste to support the environment.

WMU Recycling Efforts Raise Awareness

For 19 years WMU's Recycling and Waste Reduction Service Manager has been working to promote recycling on campus.

Local events promote awareness

Environmentalists, both nationally and internationally, have banded together to rally and bring awareness to the importance of 350. Michigan included.

Grand Rapids buildings LEED the way

Words like recycling, food waste, buildings, water consumption, transportation, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and renewable fuel filled the pages of giant easel drawing pads at the front of the conference room at Western Michigan University’s Fetzer Center.

Something’s fishy

As children, we're happily amused and enlightened when we're told that fish swim in schools. A program sponsored by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is inadvertently redefining that.

Local Food, Not So Hard to Swallow

Eco-friendly actions help both the economy and the environment.

WMU Cuts Back on Plastic Pollution

Styrofoam and plastic products have become a convenience of the modern world.

WMU brings out new bins

They're less than four feet tall. They don't command much attention, but they help you help the Earth.

A Safe Way to Dispose of Medicines

Think that the best way to dispose of medications is by flushing the unused or expired medications down the toilet? Think again.

WMU Recycles

Look for the little blue recycling bins marked “We Recycle.” Western Michigan University is making recycling accessible to on-campus residents.

EcoMug rules cause confusion

When turned away from Valley One cafeteria for trying to use her EcoMug one WMU first-year student wonders why.

Local hotels go green

Going green when staying at a hotel is a little different because the burden placed on guests' shoulders is minimal by comparison.