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Foundations of Journalism


Attendance and Student Responsibilities



Attending class on a regular basis prepares you for future success in journalism. You can't report on the news, if you are not present to cover it and write about it. Plan to attend every class and to actively participate in class discussions.


Be sure to pick up your name card at the beginning of class and return your name card at the end of class. It is your responsibility to be on time and to pick up and drop off your name card. Name cards not picked up and returned at the end of class will result in an absence for that class.


Regular attendance is crucial for earning a good grade in this class! Points will be deducted from your final grade for unexcused absences.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ARRIVING TO CLASS ON TIME: You are responsible for arriving to class on time and staying for the entire class period. Late arrivals to class or early departures from class will count as absences. You will not be allowed to pick up your name card (and will be counted as absent) if you arrive late to class.


Arriving late, departing early, moving in and out of the lab, using cell phones, reading newspapers, checking Facebook and Instagram and surfing the Internet during class time is disruptive to your classmates and your instructor. Please attend to any unrelated business either before or after class, not during class time. Please be respectful of your other classmates.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LAB ATTENDANCE: Lab time is short and you will need to prepare in advance for the work to be done is class. To prevent disruptions and delays, students who arrive more than 5 minutes late to lab WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE LAB. IF YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED A 0 FOR THAT DAY'S LAB ASSIGNMENT.


So, be prepared, be responsible and be ON TIME!


MULTIPLE ABSENCES MEANS YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE THIS CLASS ANOTHER SEMESTER WHEN REGULAR ATTENDANCE IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU. Please note that if circumstances require that you miss four or more classes during the semester, it is unlikely you will be able to pass the course. If you miss four or more classes, you should drop the course and enroll in the course at a time when regular attendance is possible. Remember: Attendance counts toward your final grade.


Student Responsibilities

1. attending class during the full time indicated on the schedule (This includes arriving on time and staying for the full duration of the class. You cannot be enrolled in this section of the class if you have schedule conflicts because of work or other responsibilities);

2. bringing the necessary texts and materials to class for in-class assignments and exams;

3. taking notes during lectures, discussions and videotape screenings;

4. completing and turning in all assignments and exams by deadline;

5. keeping all graded assignments until the end of the semester;

6. keeping up with the reading and online assignments;


7. participating in class discussion and lab exercises on a regular basis;

8. meeting with the instructor if you would like additional assistance or have questions; and

9. letting the instructor know as soon as possible about prolonged absences from class because of illness or other circumstances and providing written documentation from a medical professional or other appropriate source for such absences.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please see me at any time during the semester. I can be easily reached by email or voicemail and during office hours.

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