[JRN 1000]
Foundations of Journalism


Required Texts and Course Materials



Rich, Carole, Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method, 8th edition


IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST purchase the textbook online so you have access to the workbook and quizzes online assigned and graded for this class.

Please see the detailed instructions at the end of this page.


Be sure to purchase CENGAGE access to the Rich textbook and instructional materials NO LATER than the end of the first week of class.


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OPTIONAL: If you want to purchase an additional PAPERBACK COPY of the Rich textbook, you may purchase at the WMU BOOKSTORE.

Paperback copies of the textbook will be placed on Course Reserves by the end of the second week of classes.


2. AP STYLEBOOK (Required)

Goldstein, Norm (Ed.), The Associated Press Style Book and Briefing on Media Law, Boulder, CO: Perseus Publishing.
- Order or pick up the most recent edition from the WMU Bookstore..



You are required to purchase the ONLINE copy of the Rich textbook.


You are required to purchase a PAPERBACK copy of the AP Stylebook.



You will need an active e-mail account. Contact University Computing Services for an e-mail account.


You will need to register online by the end of the first week of class with News University. Registration is free.


Recommended Reading Materials

To learn more about the research sources journalists use, you should read newspapers on a regular basis. Click here to access newspapers online.





Purchase these two textbooks during the first week of class.


1. Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method (Carole Rich, 8th edition)

Purchase online through the publisher, Cengage/MindTap.

This is a REQUIRED textbook.

Do NOT sign up for the free trial access as it will expire before the end of the semester and you will need to re-register.


Follow the instructions below for purchasing online access through the publisher.


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2. 2017 AP Stylebook

Purchase at the WMU Bookstore or online.


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