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Foundations of Journalism


Deadline Policy


Producing the news is a deadline-driven process. Meeting deadlines is crucial for your success in journalism. In this class, you will be expected to adhere to the professional practices of journalism, including meeting deadlines. Your grade will be deteremined, in part, by your ability to meet deadlines.


In-class assignments are due at the end of class unless otherwise stated. If you are not present during class, you may not turn in an in-class assignment for a grade. In-class assignments, if missed, cannot be made up for credit.


Story Aassignments are due at the scheduled beginning of class and must be submited to the E-learning Dropbox. Story Assignments turned in after the instructor has collected them are late and will not be graded.


Please be advised that missing a deadline for a Story Assignment is likely to result in getting a grade of C or lower and will mean you will need to retake the course before you can take advanced courses in the program. The instructor is not responsible for computer, printer, traffic, parking, alarm clock, conflicting schedules and other problems.


If the University closes because of inclement weather, the deadline for any Story Assignment that is due will be moved to the next scheduled class date. See the "Announcement" box of your "Schedule" page for these changes.


In preparation for future success as a journalist, learn now the importance of meeting deadlines. Plan ahead.

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