[JRN 3200]
News Writing & Reporting


Assignments and Grading

Profile Story


Speech Story 10%

News Issue Story


Quizzes (Chapter and AP Style)

(The two lowest scores will be dropped.)


Mid-term Exam


Final Exam


Participation, Attendance and Professionalism 10%

In-Class Writing Assignments

(The two lowest scores will be dropped.)



Story Assignments


Three major writing/reporting assignments will be given during the semester. Deductions will be given for late assignments. Please carefully read the deadline policy for this class. Accuracy Check Forms MUST be turned in prior to receiving a grade.


Submit these assignments to the Dropbox by the deadline.


In-Class Writing Assignments

In-class Writing Assignments will be based on the course lecture material, online tutorials and readings from the textbook. Many of the in-class assignments involve writing news stories on deadline. In-class Writing Assignments will be collected for grading, so it is important to do your best on every assignment. These assignments will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the high score.


Make-up in-class assignments will not be given. If you miss a class, you miss the opportunity to turn in the in-class assignment for feedback and a grade. The two lowest in-class assignment grades will be dropped.


Submit these assignments to the Dropbox by the deadline.


Class Participation, Attendance and Professionalism


As a professional journalist, you will not be able to report the news if you are not present to cover the news. It is in your best interest to attend every class for the entire time. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. It is recommended that you enroll in the course at a time when regular attendance is possible.


You also are expected to arrive to class on time and remain in class during the entire class session. Grade deductions will be taken from your final grade if you fail to do so.


Grade deductions will be taken from your final grade if you use your cell phone or laptop during class time.


If you miss a class, contact another class members, not the instructor, for notes and other information covered during class. Exams cover material from every class. You are responsible for getting the notes and assignments from other class members when you miss class. Missed in-class assignments, quizzes and exams cannot be made up.


Two absences will be excused without penalty. After that, every class missed counts as a deduction of your final grade. See the "Attendance" section of your syllabus for details.




A mid-term exam and final exam will be given. The exams will be based on the lectures, class discussion, textbook readings, online tutorials, videotapes and in-class assignments. Both exams are closed-notes, closed-book and MUST be taken in the computer lab during the scheduled exam times. The final exam covers course content from the entire semester. You will need to keep up with required, assigned readings from the textbook in order to do well on the examinations.


Exams will be administered on E-Learning and must be taken during class or exam time.




Quizzes will be given based on textbook chapter readings and AP Style.


Quizzes will be administered on E-Learning and must be completed by the deadline.


Final Grade


Your final letter grade will be calculated using the scale below.


Grading Scale


93- 100


88 - 92


83 - 87


78 - 82


73 - 77


68 - 72


63 - 67


62 and below


Please remember that grades and your status in the class cannot be discussed by phone or by e-mail. Please make an appointment to meet with the instructor during office hours.


Computer Lab Rules


Please do your part to make this a positive learning environment for all.


Food and drinks are not allowed in the computer labs.


Cell phones MUST be out of sight and on silence during class time. No texting or listening to ipods during class or an exam.


Computer screens are to be turned OFF during class lectures and discussions unless you are told otherwise. You may check e-mail and surf the Web before and after class.


If you are experiencing difficulties with a computer or printer, please notify the instructor.


Reading newspapers is strongly encouraged; however, please do not read newspapers DURING class lectures and discussions.


Please respect the rights and opinions of other class members. You are responsible for arriving to class on time and staying for the entire class period. Arriving late, departing early and moving in and out of the lab during class time is disruptive to other class members and your instructor. Please attend to any unrelated business either before or after class, not during class time.

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