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Please contact DR. Junger for information About and how to register for JRN 4990.


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E-MAIL: The only email address that should be used for communication between WMU students and WMU faculty and staff is the email address associated with a BroncoNet ID. This email address typically takes the form "firstname.middleinitial.lastname@wmich.edu." An example is buster.h.bronco@wmich.edu. Students cannot automatically forward email from this address to other addresses. Students can access this email account or get instructions for obtaining a BroncoNet ID at GoWMU.wmich.edu.


Please see me if you need to access special services or contact the Coordinator of Services for Learning Disabled Students.

Journalism Resources
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Current Projects
Dr. Jocelyn Steinke
School of Communication
Department in Gender and Women’s Studies
Western Michigan University
E-mail: jocelyn.steinke@wmich.edu

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