Geography 460 Syllabus
Geography/Social Studies Teaching in Middle and High School
J. Stoltman


1. Introductory Details; Contact information on a 3 X 5 card; Plan for Session 1
2. Introduction to Basic Concepts and Standards Documents
Grade Level Content Expectations in Social Studies

a. Michigan GLCE  (Objective 1)

b. Fundamental Themes for Geographic Education (Objective 12)

c. Geography for Life (Objective 1)

d. Content Standards for other Disciplines

e. Social Studies Curriculum Standards

f. Acronyms that you will encounter
AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)

Cut Scores
Standard Setting
Alignment of Curriculum
Classroom based Assessment
Standardized Assessment
Michigan Merit Test

4. Demo Lesson -ARGUS: Native American Environments (Objective 3)
a. GLCE addressed.

b. Skills embedded within the content.
c. How do the skills provide the means to solve the problem or inquire about the issue.

5. Policy Statements that Guide Curriculum Development
a. What does alignment mean?
b. When are alignments successfully attained?
c. Why is alignment important?

6. Exit activity Assignment: Hand in the Environment on Native American Reservations Work Sheet

Assignment for Session 2
a. Read and review the following.

1. Geography for Life pp. 57 – 104
2. Entry Level Standards for Michigan Teachers; cite the significance being placed on content.

3. Complete the following:

a. Use a computer to respond to the following activity. As you complete the activity, keep a record in response to numbers i , ii and iii below.

i. Count the number of red Xs you get each time you complete the map; wait about one half day and do the activity again and count the number of red Xs; Repeat the activity at least five times with half day to one-day intervals between each try until you get all the locations correct – NO red Xs - even if it takes more than five times.

ii. Make a graph using EXCEL that shows your score with each of the activity trials as first (1), second (2) third (3), etc. on the X axis, and on the Y axis plot the number of red Xs or misses that were made with each try.

iii. Bring the Graph to Class for Session 2


4. Review the Michigan GLCE for the subject and grade level that you would like to teach when you graduate from WMU.