Geography 460 Students

Session 4


1. Begin thinking about Unit topics for the five day unit

            a. Scope and Sequence. Scope refere to the content; sequence refers to grade level. The content for each grade is included in the GLCE.

            b. Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) In designing your unit be certain to review the GLCE to help determine a topic for the unit and lessons.

2.  Review the appropriate section of national content standards for your major or minor subject. Geography majors/minors use GFL; History majors/minors use National History Standards, and so on for Civics/Govt. and Economics


3. Begin thinking about a set of best classroom practices that you would like to use in your five day unit: cooperative learning; hands-on minds-on; etc. You may want to get on the web and check out what teachers say about best practices. We want to identify 4 or five that you use several times in your unit.


That means you will have alignment of GLCE/HSCE and instruction-assessment working together with best practices as the glue that binds them together. Those are initial steps in becoming highly qualified classroom teachers (MI expectations).


4. Complete the Following and prepare to hand in those parts highlighted below:

Go to:


Experiment with the mapper program. If your home computer will not open it, then use a university computer lab machine. Those are available in the Computer Center, Bernhard Center, and in the Geography Computer Labs.


Compare the menu option for map, satellite, hybrid, topographic map, DOQ and NEXRAD.



a. Locate N 42.32708 W 85.46737 and describe in one sentence where it is and the surrounding vicinity.



a.       Locate your present home

b.      Use the slider on the left to zoom,

c.       Use the satellite image and air photos to identify non residential land uses near where you live,

d.      Use the topographic map to determine the elevation of your residence above sea level,

e.       Write one paragraph in which you list the possible benefits of using such technology with students; and what preparation you would have to make as a teacher to use the website.

f.        Describe how could help you meet the following geography content standard.

GFL on page 79 states:

"Students need to develop an understanding of the interaction of the human and environment factors that help to explain the characteristics of the human populations as well as their distribution and movements.”



Have an enjoyable Monday and I will see you at 6:30 Professor Stoltman




1. Farming Simulation: West Africa

Teaching methodology: Simulations, simulation games, games


2. Best Practices:  Do they improve learning?

Vary strategies within the instructional period

Include strategies that Robert Marazano has identified as increasing student achievement


  1. Identifying similarities and differences
  2. Summarizing and note taking
  3. Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
  4. Homework and practice
  5. Nonlinguistic representation
  6. Cooperative learning
  7. Setting objectives and providing feedback
  8. Generating and testing hypotheses
  9. Cues, questions, and advanced organizers

Other strategies to incorporate:

Opportunities for decision making

Hands on information processing creating maps and graphs from data sets

Current events and contemporary issues

Draw maps

Utilize data

Application of ideas from the known to another issue or to the unknown

Substantive Conversation

Use of higher order thinking

Connections to the world outside the classroom

Deep Knowledge

Writing across the curriculum strategies


3. Building Lesson 1 which will be the same for everyone’s unit

            Introduction to the Lesson Template


4. Lesson Template

This is on my webpage and if you have questions regarding the components of the lesson, then refer to it and compare it to the lessons you are competing for your unit. Remember, the focus in on pedagogical content - or how the social studies, geography, and earth science content that presented using sound pedagogical practices.

Lesson Header Exampe.htm


The Water Cycle.htm


5. Assignments for Session 5


1. Develop and hand in a basic outline for your five lesson unit plan: prepare two sentence about what you will do for each lesson for 5 consecutive lessons. Following the final lesson you will have to have a unit assessment that will cover the lessons in the unit.


2. Review pages 75 – 78; Physical Systems in GFL; what are the similarities between GFL and the national content expectations in your major or minor discipline (take a look at the national content standards listed in Session 3 for the national  standards).

3. Go to:

and use it to measure ( press left mouse button two times on the locations)the distances between 6 different locations in the US in miles and kilometers.

Describe in four sentences how you would use this tool in teaching middle and high school students.


Have an enjoyable Monday and I will see you at 6:30


Prof. Stoltman