Session 11

Geography 460 Students



Assignments from Session 8

1. Continue with the

2. Review GFL pages 98-104: Review these pages to gain familiarity with Content Standards

3. Finalize and submit lesson 2 and a draft of lesson 3 and 4 (even 5) via email. If you have paper handouts, then put one copy each of them neatly in a manila folder and leave it with me. Neatness is important. Use your technical skills to produce high quality products.

4. Develop and submit 2 multiple choice items for Lesson 2 and Lesson 3. These questions will become part of your unit assessment. Be certain to align them to your objectives and to the GLCE. Use the item writing tips that the NAEP and the MEAP released items to help you design your multiple choice questions.


Assignments for Session 9 and 10:

1.      Continue developing and submitting Lessons 3, 4, 5, 6 and your final assessment. Submit using email.

2.      Our next formal class session will be at 6:30 pm on April 6. Use the time to work on your unit project.


1. Review the following website and be prepared to discuss how it could be used under best practices.

2. Technology is an important part of visualization as a best practice and geography has a major contribution to make. Have your Goode’s World Atlas open to pages 70 and 71, with 90-91 and 104-105 marked for quick reference. Next, open the following website

and note the location of the satellite. Compare the satellite imagery on the computer screen with the physical terrain that it is passing over. Note the time of the flyover and the date. Most are within the past 24 hours. Follow the satellite’s orbital path on the maps in your Goode’s atlas so that you locate the locations referenced. Be prepared to discuss how this technology could be used under best practices.


How do we use the technology that is available?


3. Best Practices


4. Bird’s Eye View of Earth and Google Earth


3. Journals in geography, social studies, and science,

            a. Journal of Geography

            b. Social Education

            c. Research in Geographic Education

            d. International Research in Geography and Environmental Education

            e. Science Teacher

4. Membership in professional organizations in the content fields – build your Resume

            a. National Council for Geographic Education

            b. National Council for the Social Studies

            c. Michigan Council for the Social Studies


5. World Wide Web Resources

            a. History and Geography

            b. Economics and Civics



Assignments for Session 12:




  1. Complete your unit and submit. Be certain to include PPTs, worksheets, etc. with your unit.


  1. Complete and submit the end of unit assessment


    1. 10 to 15 multiple choice questions
    2. 2 constructed response questions
    3. 1 extended writing response question