Session 12

Geography 460 Students





Professional Organizations


            Membership is a bargain as a student

                        National Council for Geographic Education

                        National Council for the Social Studies
                        National Science Teachers Association


Assignment from Session 11

  1. Complete lesson six of your unit and submit it. Be certain to include PPTs, worksheets, etc.


  1. Complete and submit the end of unit assessment


    1. 10 to 15 multiple choice questions
    2. 2 constructed response questions
    3. 1 extended writing response question


  1. Report on the article you read in Journal of Geography
    1. Submit a short review of about one quarter page in print form


Session 12 Agenda:

1. Best Practices include:

1. Cooperative Learning

2. Hands on Information Processing     

3. Decision Making

4. Use of Current Events to Provide Relevancy to Instruction

5. Visualization (use of graphics, maps, illustrations, diagrams)

6. Timing the use of multi media and multi sensory learning



Vary strategies within the instructional period of each lesson.
Here are strategies that Robert Marazano has identified as increasing
student achievement. These are research based.
1.            Identifying similarities and differences
2.            Summarizing and note taking
3.            Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
4.            Homework and practice
5.            Nonlinguistic representation
6.            Cooperative learning
7.            Setting objectives and providing feedback
8.            Generating and testing hypotheses
9.            Cues, questions, and advanced organizers
Additional highly desirable classroom practices include (not research based)
               Opportunities for decision making
               Hands on information processing and  creating maps and graphs from data sets
               Current events and contemporary issues
               Draw maps
               Utilize data
               Application of ideas from the known to another issue or to the unknown
               Substantive Conversation
               Use of higher order thinking
               Connections to the world outside the classroom
               Deep Knowledge
               Writing across the curriculum strategies


2. Global Issues and Events

U.S. History and Geography

World History and Geography


a.       Transforming a lesson into a contemporary issues lesson.



Present the ARGWorld Mesopotamia lesson.


            One week prior to beginning the Global Issues

Step 1: Have students review the newspaper for one week and record the places in the world that made prominent news and the topic of water.

Step 2: Combine all the information in to a class database

Step 3. Locate each of the places on a map of the world.

Step 4. Make bar graphs showing the number of references by region on the issue of water.


Step 5. Label the bar graph components.

Step 6. Analysis of Data

Step 7. What are the consequences for:

            a. People

            b. Economy

            c. Environment



Current events analysis should be part of every social studies course. They should be repeated on a regular basis. Some teachers have current events at the same time each week. Sources of information are newspaper, television and the WWW.  As well as engaging students with Civic Responsibilities and Skills that require keeping informed, they should also extend the issues and events discussion to include possible consequences.



3. Technology in Teaching Geography

            1. Media

            2. Google Earth

            3. TGMG (ARGWorld and ARGUS)

            4. GIS Web based mapping

4. The Textbook: You will have one assigned to your class (most likely)


Parent expectations

Student expectations

Teacher expectations


5.  Formatting your unit and getting it ready for final submission.

a.       Unite Folder named with your first and last name Geog 4600 Sp 2009

                                                               i.      A File for each lesson and the assessment.

1.      Files within each lesson for components of the lesson, such as maps, etc.

a.       Files for any small components


Assignment for Session 13

1.      Short presentation of two lessons from your unit and your assessment

2.      Last details and preparation for internship visitation


Have a nice afternoon. See you at 6:30.

Prof. Stoltman