SPED 570 EI Jeopardy Review


Category:Social/political climate

Q:Who defines deviance?

A:The current political climate

Q:Which phase had the civil rights movement?

A:Service Phase

Q:Name 1 theorists that made a significant contribution in the 20th Century

A:Mahler, Bender, Kanner, etc.

Q:How did the Greeks treat deviance?

A:They enlightened their contemporaries about the natural causes of mental and behavioral disorders.

Q:_____has been created by humans throughout history to give themselves a sense of control over the environment

A:Superstitious beliefs about deviant behavior


Category:Role of SPED Teacher in Identification

Q:What are the 3 stages of the identification process:

A:screening, placement, and instructional planning

Q:What are the duties of the SPED teacher on initial referral?

A:data collection systems and reporting, parent interactions, standardized achievement testing

Q:Eligibility decisions are made byÖ

A:What is the multidisciplinary team

Q:A major identification role of the SPED teacher on a day to day basis

A:Data Collection

Q:Completed by the SPED teacher to determine grade level functioning

A:What is an achievement test?


Category:Pros/Cons of Social Maladjustment

Q:An undefined term in the federal definition

A:social maladjustment

Q:Children are not included for services unless they co-occur with this characteristic

A:Severely emotionally impaired

Q:An assumption of the federal definition is that these students can be differentiated from this other group

A:students with E/BD

Q:Social maladjustment is often equated to this DSM-IV dx

A:conduct disorder

Q:The reason for the exclusionary social maladjustment clause

A:Students who are socially maladjusted should be treated in another system



Q:He follows the psychodynamic model and came up with the following stages in development:oral anal phallic, latency, genital

A:Who is Freud

Q:She downplayed Freudís biological orientation and emphasized social factors in the development of abnormal behavior

A:Who is Karen Horney

Q:His ecological systems model included the microsystem, mesosystem, exostystem, and macrosystem

A:Who is Bronfenbrenner

Q:He views the ego not as an extension of the id, but as autonomous both in orgin and function

A:Who is Erikson

Q:He developed rational emotive emotive therapy (REBT).

A:Who is Albert Ellis


Category:Issues in E/BD

Q:Uses literature to teach necessary skills

A:What is bibliotherapy

Q:Done before a behavioral intervention plan to determine the function of the behavior

A:Functional Behavior Assessment

Q:the most common reason students with E/BD display language problems

A:What are pragmatics

Q:An intervention that includes community services, school, and family

A:What is wraparound

Q:When multiple disorders occur and interact with each other

A:What is co-morbidity


Category:ED Definition


Q:A problem with the language within the ED definition

A:What is subjective

Q:One criteria a student must meet in order to be determined ED

A:depression under normal circumstances, difficulty with interpersonal relationships etc.

Q:The term does not include these children unless it is determined they are emotionally impaired

A:What is socially maladjustment

Q: Three subjective terms in the definition

A:to a marked degree, under normal circumstances, adversely affects education, for an extended period of time

Q:The ED definition includes this DSM-IV dx

A:What is schizophrenia


Category:Progression of Services

Q:What are the three phases that describe the progression of services

A:Segregation, transition, service

Q:During what phase did demonology and superstitious beliefs prevail

A:Segregation phase

Q:During what phase was CEC founded?


Q:What was the widely adopted therapy or treatment introduced during the transition phase

A:Moral therapy (humane treatment)

Q:Name at least one important piece of legislation occurred during the service phase

A:P.L. 94-142


Category:Parent/Teacher Interactions


Q:What are the three different maladaptive styles of parenting

A:Permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative

Q:Who should become familiar with community resources that offer counseling and other psychological services

A:The teacher

Q:What model incorporates family, school, and community interactions


Q:What style of parenting has been linked to children who are highly aggressive with low impulse control

A:Overly permissive parenting

Q: Three interactions a teacher can have with parents to improve the relationship

A:Call them when things are progressing well, open door policy in the classroom, donít use jargon, etc.


Category:Psychotropic Medications


Q:May teachers, ethically and legally recommend medications


Q:What is the most commonly used drug intervention for students with ADHD

A:What are psychostimulants

Q:Professionals that can administer medications in the classroom

A:Only those who are trained

Q:Prozac and Zoloft are brand names for what drug category

A:What are anti-depressants

Q:Why are so few drugs tested for children and adolescents

A:Lack of controlled double blind studies.


Category:Biophysical Perspective

Q:The biophysical model is also called this

A:What is the medical model

Q:This model is viewed as a conflict within the body

A:What is internal

Q:Believes a balanced diet restricting the preservatives BHT and BHA is the cure

A:Who is Fiengold

Q:Current research shows that this may be the cause of internal problems in this model

A:What are genetics

Q:The teacherís role in this model is:

A:What is observation, data collection, and referral.


Category:Behavioral Perspective

Q:Is this model internal or external

A:What is external

Q:Time out, token economy and level systems

A:Interventions within this model

Q;They are learned and maintained like all other behaviors

A:What is a misbehavior

Q:These determine certain behaviors

A:What are environmental influences and past experiences.

Q:A teacher is heavily involved in this aspect of the behavioral perspective

A:What is data collection


Category:Psychodynamic Perspective


Q:This theorist believed that the personality is three systems; id, ego and superego

A:Who is Freud

Q:According to this model how is disturbance viewed

A:What is internal to the individual

Q:Three prime concerns in this model

A:What are conflict, anxiety, and guilt

Q:One educational implication for interventions in the theory

A:What is time, consulting with outside experts, affect before academics

Q:The cause of deviance with this model

A:Missed emotional milestones, unresolved emotional conflict


Category:Cognitive Perspective

Q:The way people think, feel and believe about their world

A:What is the cognitive model

Q:self-talk, self-regulation areÖ.

A:Parts of self-instruction

Q:The three parts of cognitive behavioral therapy include:

A:What are self instruction, self monitoring, and self evaluation

Q:The cognitive model is a recent reaction to

A:What is the behavioral model

Q:Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy was developed by

A:Who is Albert Ellis


Category:Ecological Perspective

Q:The most prominent theorist within this model

A:Who is Uri Bronfenbrenner

Q:Limitations of this model

A:What are time, money, and collaboration with systems

Q:What is the cause of disturbance within this model

A:Expectations of the environments, failure to match between the child and the systems

Q:What is the teacherís role within this model

A:Consultant, liaison, and part of the social system

Q:What are the systems

A:Child and his/her characteristics-microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem.