Performance Rubric

SPED 575

Thematic Unit






Missing or Minimal



Below Average









Weak or no intro, sloppy presentation, many spelling errors and typos, missing references or formatting problems

Intro is missing information, referencing problems, multiple spelling errors, careless presentation

Intro, references, minimal spelling errors and typos. Simple presentation.

Strong intro, lessons are neat, referenced, free of spelling errors and typos. 



Missing goals/objectives and/or identified goals/objectives to not match the lesson

Goals/objectives do not all correlate, are not all measurable and representative of the lesson

Some goals/objectives correlate and are measurable and are representative of the lesson

Goals and objectives correlate, are measurable, and representative of the lesson.

Scope/Sequence of Instruction


No scope and sequence to the lesson, missing anticipatory set/instruction/guided practice/independent practice/closure.

Scope and sequence is presented but not in order, transitions between lesson sections are not smooth, the use of more modalities and grouping patterns would increase lesson effectiveness

Scope and sequence is presented with transitions between lesion sections, minimal use of differentiated modalities and grouping patterns

Clear scope and sequence, instruction, guided practice, and independent practice reinforce goals/objective

Multiple modalities and grouping patterns are utilized.



No evaluation

Evaluation is not representative of lesson

Evaluation is present but can be confusing without instruction, data collected could be more readily assessed

User friendly, matches’ objectives, data collected is pertinent and can be easily organized.


Non-engaging lesson

Too many worksheets!

Lessons are generally engaging and interesting

Lessons are colorful, interesting, engaging.



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