1. Teaching Educators to Respect Boundaries

2. Scenario Number One

A child comes home from school and tells his father he thinks he is going to really like his new fifth-grade teacher. When his father inquires why, the child responds by saying his new teacher said he could talk with her whenever he had a problem, even if that meant calling her at home.

3. Scenario Number Two

A child comes home from school and tells her father she does not like her new sixth grade teacher. The father inquires why, and the child responds by saying her teacher said it is her job to teach and she did not get paid enough to listen to all their problems, so if they had a question about school to talk with her but only during school hours, and if they had any other problems, to make an appointment with the school counselor.

4. Importance of Boundary Issues

1. Indulgence vs. Withholding

2. Issues in the EB/D Arena

5. Concept of Boundaries

Historically not addressed within education

Increased Need

Influence of Day to Day Issues


6. Defining Boundaries

Healthy vs. Unhealthy

7. Boundary Crossings

They may be benign or harmful

Empirical evidence does suggest boundary crossings precede sexual misconduct

Boundary crossings can lead to poor outcomes

8. Daily Boundary Crossings

Creating student dependency on one educator


Social Promotion

Ignoring legitimate student requests


9. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Robert Frost

10. Promotion of Boundary Violations

Derogartory names

Ignoring a student because you do not like them

Speaking above students

Sexual involvement

Inconsistent class expectations

Adversives prior to lower-level interventions

11. Promotion of Boundary Violations

Sharing personal information that does not assist the student

Exchanging tangible items with students for personal gain

Use of alcohol or drugs while interacting with students

Misuse of power

12. Warning Signs

Disproportionate Teacher Time

Interactions Outside of School

Teacher Believes he/she is the only one reaching the student


All negative or All positive reports

Teacher is defensive

13. Barriers in Addressing Boundary Violations

Personal relationships




14. Process for Examining Boundary Issues



Establishing Community

15. Future Role(s) of Boundaries

Teacher Education

Inclusive Education

Reintegration Process