1. SPED 575



2. 10 Traits of Effective Teachers
(McEwan, 2002)

Personal Traits that Indicate Character

Teacher Traits That Get Results: What a Teacher Does

Intellectual Traits That Demonstrate Knowledge, Curiosity, and Awareness

3. Trait #1

Mission-Driven and Passionate

The effective teacher is mission-driven, feeling a call to teach as well as a passion to help students learn and grow

4. Trait #2

Positive and Real

The highly effective teacher is positive and real, demonstrating the qualities of caring, empathy, respect, and fairness in relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.

5. Trait #3

A Teacher-Leader

The highly effective teacher is a teacher-leader who positively affects the lives of students, parents, and colleagues.

6. Trait #4


The highly effective teacher demonstrates with-it-ness: the state of being on top of, tuned in to, aware of, and complete control of three critical facets of classroom life:

l The management and organization of the classroom

l The engagement of students

l The management of time

7. Trait #5


The effective teacher exhibits his or her own unique style, bringing drama, enthusiasm, liveliness, humor, charisma, creativity, and novelty to his or her teaching.

8. Trait #6

Motivation Expertise

The highly effective teacher is a motivator par excellence who believes in his or her own ability to make a difference in the lives of students and relentlessly presses and pursues students to maintain the highest possible behavioral and academic standards.

9. Trait #7

Instructional Effectiveness

The highly effective teacher is an instructional virtuoso: a skilled communicator with a repertoire of essential abilities, behaviors, models, and principles that lead all students to learning.

10. Trait #8

Book Learning

The highly effective teacher has a sound knowledge of content (the structure of the discipline) and outcomes (what the school, district, or state has determined is essential for students to know).

11. Trait #9

Street Smarts

The highly effective teacher has knowledge of the students, the school, and the community in which he or she is teaching and uses this knowledge to solve problems in the instructional setting.

12. Trait #10

A Mental Life

The highly effective teacher has a substantive thought life that includes the abilities to be the following:

l Metacognitive: ability to read one’s own mental state and then assess how that state will affect one’s present and future performance

l Strategic: able to think aloud and model strategic learning for students

l Reflective: able to think about personal teaching behaviors for the purposes of self-growth

l Communicative: able to articulate ideas, issues, beliefs, and values about the act of teaching with colleagues, students, and parents

l Responsive: able to flex to the changing needs and demands of the profession

13. Attributes of Effective E/BD Teachers

Provide Appropriate Structure and Predictable Routines

Consistent schedule

Established Rules and Consequences

Clear Behavioral Expectations

14. Attributes of Effective E/BD Teachers

Positive Teacher-Student Interactions

Adequate Praise

Systematic Response to Problem Behavior

15. Attributes of Effective E/BD Teachers

Presentation of Instructional Materials and Lessons

High rates of academic achievement

High rates of student response

Limited independent seatwork

More time allotted for establishing positive social interactions

16. Research on Current E/BD Teachers

Overall lack of systematic programming

Interactions between teachers and students with E/BD are rarely positive

Teachers dispense few praise statements

Low rates of instructional interactions

High rates of reprimands

RESULT- Classrooms may become aversive environments for students and their teachers!

17. Evaluating Teachers of Students with EB/D

Instructional and Management Behaviors

Tolerance for Inappropriate Behaviors

Teachers’ Belief System