1.  IEP Development

2.  PLEP
(present level of educational performance)

Sally is able to __________

But has difficulty with_____________

Is unable to ___________________

Needs to __________________

3.  PLEP

      Jennifer is able to attend well with teacher assistance but imitates behavior of peers, withdraws from situations leading to minimal group participation.

4.  Annual Goals

The student’s past achievement

The student’s present level of performance

The student’s preferences

The practicality of the chosen goals

The student’s priority needs

The amount of time to be devoted to instruction related to the goal

5.  Goal

Jennifer will demonstrate skills for interacting with adults and peers

6.  Objectives

Each short-term objective should be measurable and an intermediate step between the PLEP and the annual goal.  Short-term objectives should be achievable within a shorter period of time (month, marking period, or semester) than the annual goal. 

7.  Objective

Each short-term objective must contain three components

Evaluation procedures

Frequency of evaluation

Performance criteria

8.  Evaluation

Indicate the evaluation procedure(s) to be used

Teacher observation

Standardized tests

Informal tests (anecdotal records, daily point sheet)

    Teacher made checklist

9.  Criteria


    Percent bases

    Time based


10.  Schedules for Evaluation




Each marking period

11.  Objective #1

Jennifer will share a task with another student without withdrawing from the task

Teacher made checklist

Mastery 80%

3x Weekly

12.  Objective #2

Jennifer will respond to requests made by a familiar adult

Behavioral charting

3 out of 4 requests when requested

Monthly Assessment