Collegiate Objectives
     College is about discovering yourself and who you really are as an adult. It teaches you independence, confidence, time management, financial management, and how to be a responsible adult. You're out on your own without your parents there to take care of you, your bound to learn a thing or two about responsibilities. I believe college is a stepping stone into adulthood because your forced to learn to fend for yourself. But I've always been very independent from my parents and always was given opportunities to be a responsible young adult, what I was really excited for when I came to college was getting to be in a different environment, with knew types of people. I came from a small, very sheltered, town with people who were all the same, thought the same, grew up the same, and talked the same. It is very similiar to the town in the old classic movie Pleasantville with Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire. I'm very eager to hear of students' different up bringings and different cultures because it makes me a more diverse and educated person when I learn about other cultures besides my own. That is also a key factor to being a successful marketer, adapting to other cultures to sell a product.
    Specifically speaking of my educational goals for college, I want to major in Marketing and minor in Journalism. I thought these were a good combination because marketing requires you to be very smooth with your words to coax a client or command a room meeting. I hope to graduate in 2017 with at least a 3.5 GPA, which I know I am completely capable of. I also hope to do an internship or study abroad my junior year and, fingers crossed, have a job offer waiting for me when I graduate. I have high expectations for myself and know I will succeed at college.