As a business professional I plan to work in the field of Human Resources. My goal is to one day be a manager of a human resource department for a company. Managing a department of human resources takes a lot of skill and people skills as your job is to manage the benefits, rights, and training of workers. Human Resource managers must "both knowledge of the basic operations of the organization and a keen understanding of the selection, use, deployment, maintenance, and compensation of human resources” (Nkomo). Depending on the size of your company, you may be the only human resource worker or you may work in a department of the human resource branch. If you are the only human resource worker, or one of few, you will likely deal will all of the above aspects. If you work in a larger company and your human resource department is broken into branches you will only deal with one aspect. For example you may work in employee benefits or training.

I enjoy working with people which is a necessary skill for a human resource manager. Because human resources require so much employee and manager interaction, it has a great effect on employee satisfaction. A human resource manager “entertains the impression that those in human resources are more concerned with keeping employees happy than with making a profit”(Kiechel). In my opinion human resources has a lot of effect on a company’s success. They must think of others before themselves and truly work to help company employees.




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