Collegiate Objectives

The reason why I choose to further my education by attending a prestigious university like Western Michigan is because I want to gain knowledge that will help me in the future. Many people think knowledge is only gained in the classroom, which I agree with, but knowledge is also acquired through social interaction. Western is a very diverse school full of many students with a variety of backgrounds which I hope I get to meet as many as I can. That is why one of my main goals while attending college is to study abroad either in Europe or Asia. Along with attaining a business degree I also have a strong interest in history and culture of different nations. Both of those regions date back thousands of years and are deeply rooted with strong ties to their ancestors.  

I also plan on getting multiple internships so I can really immerse myself in an office setting. The goal would be to work in two entirely different environments so that when I do get a job offer I will already know which place would best suit me to be most effective. Western has already helped me immensely with my academic and professional career so I know I will be well prepared for what lies after college.            

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