Collegiate Objective

Collegiate Objective:

In college it is important to set collegiate goals and objectives so you have something to work for and achieve. My collegiate goals are to graduate from the Haworth College of Business with a major in accoutning and a minor in finance. Western Michigan has provided me with all the tools necessary to help me achieve my goals through the advising office, internships, and the necessary education learned in my courses. Before college I had no idea what I wanted to become as my profession, however college has shown me my strengths and weaknesses and is now helping me reach my goals of graduating.

Preparation for the real word is very important to Western Michigan University so students are ready to take on obstacles. One of the best ways I intend to prepare myself to step into the professional world is by completing internships. Internships are offered through the school by surrounding companies in the area. You get hands on training and actually work for the company to help prepare you to graduate in your desired field. Mine being accounting, I hope to earn an internship with a local accounting firm. I think this is the best preparation a student can get and I feel privileged that my university offers so many. I am excited for these next three years and I look forward to reaching my goals and becoming an accountant.

Thomas Fletcher