This is research about my future intentions.

My future intentions in my career are to become a sports marketer for a Michigan sports team, specifically to become an event, team or product promoter for a specific team in Michigan. My dream would to work for the Detroit Lions and become a team promoter because the Lions are my favorite team. Sports’ marketing has a couple of different field’s promotion, event planning and advertising. I would like to be involved with the promotion of the teams and players. The job would have to deal with people to talk to and negotiate with. It would be negotiating with companies that could help promote the team or an athlete with a sponsorship or an endorsement deal. The goal is to try and make your team well known and make people excited to come see that sports team or a specific athlete they like. This type of job would help me be more successful in the next job I would like to have.

 After a couple of years of being in the field of sports marketing, I would like to pursue a law degree to become a sports agent, preferably football athletes but I am open to all sports. Obtaining a law degree to become a sports agent is the safer path because you can join a sports agency firm instead of going off on your own. It isn’t required to have a law degree to become a sports agent, but having a law degree is safer. It will be easier to get your name out there as an agent by joining a sports agency firm.  Being a sports agent for athletes is difficult job because there are many things to worry about with your athletes. A sports agent has multiple jobs which include getting the client a good structured contract, helping a client prepare for post sports career and help the client make money.  If you are a good sports agent you will have multiple athletes. Making sure your client has a good structured contract is an important factor to being successful at being an agent. It keeps the client happy and gets your name out there at being a successful agent. When a client is on the downward end of his or her career you must set them up for success after their career and make sure they won’t go bankrupt after their career ends. If the clients makes good money, always has good structured contracts and has a successful career after their time as an athlete is over you will be considered a good sports agent. I think after a couple years training and with my mind set I can become a successful sports agent in the future and for many years.


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