With new advances in todays medicine and technology there are a few I would like to tell you about. One of the very new technology's is 3-D printing. scientist are just starting to dabble in in these studies but the outcomes are incredible. These Bio-printers are using a "Bio-Ink" made of different living cells that they are using to make a 3-D structure one layer at a time and eventually human tissue which then becomes organs capable of transplant. This technology makes body parts almost completely interchangeable. For instance a complete lower jaw bone was completely reconstructed for an 83 year old women who had a severe bone infection. The printer produced the prosthetic jaw from 33 layers of titanium powder that were heated, fused together, and then coated with bio ceramic artificial bone. Limbs, Hearing aids, and dentures can all be created using the same technology. In February of 2013 scientists at Cornell University used the same tech to create a replica of a human ear.

      Robotics is another technology with mass potential the only problem with this is people feel that the lack of emotion will hinder the ability for great caregiving. The plus side is that it will allow for more precise interventions. It will improve the diagnostics and make the patients more comfortable. Robotics is a growing field because of a lack in capable workers and an increase in elderly in need of care. Projected robotic growth include Nano medicine, bio mechatronics, and the use of robots as direct care providers. By the early 2020s, molecular manufacturing will enable the first nanobots to be inexpensively produced for use in medicine. This Nano medicine or use of tiny robots shows great potential in the advances of medicine.