My Friends

Kelsey Ann Richards

She has been my best friend for over a year now. We meet playing club volleyball becuase we were on the say team. At first we didn't like each other but as the season went on the friendship grew more and more over time. She is a senior at St Clair High School and plays volleyball. She just recently tore her ACL and minicus. She will be attending Western next year with me and will persure a career in PA.


Marie Lizee

Marie has went to high school with me for the past four years. We don't have the same interest at times but we will get along well and have fun togther. We did basketball together our freshman year of high school. After that we quit. She is getting married in june to her high school sweethear. She atteneded a school in Chigaco for the arts but soon figured out she did not like the city. She came home in october and will start classes back up again in January of this year at Adrian. She wants to persue a career in dance and music.

Arika Desero

Same with Marie, I went to school with Arika for four years and we always were laughing it up in class. She went to Adrian College and has no clue what she is studying. We never played any sports together but we always found a way to go to eachothers sporting events. She was a cheerleader and played softball. We are two hours a part and I still miss her to death. We have kept in contact and are happy for eachother with the goals that we set.



Lauren Zens

Where to start, we meet through my best friend kelsey and we have been friends since then. We get into are little arguments but we still get along and have a lot of fun together.When it is Kelsey, Lauren, and I hanging out and doing stupid stuff, we always have laughs along the way. Lauren wanted to go Western Michigan next year but she got a full ride cross-country scholarship to a community college by where we live. It is bitter sweet for her because she wanted to come to Western with me and Kelsey but she also wanted to keep on running.


Courtney Wickman

What to say about Court. I just meet her this year and I already love her to death. She is funny and always makes me smile. She is beautiful inside and out no matter what the day is. We meet through my roomate Lauren Barlow and all three of us always have a blast no matter what time of the day. She is always in my room either doing homework or coloring. We color all the time. In fact our rooms are covered in things that we have printed out and colored. Coloring with Court has made new memories in my life and memories as freinds. If you can color with a good friend then she is a friend for life.




Lauren Barlow

The roomate. We have been roomates for a little over two months now and it feels like we have been friends forever. We get along great and have almost the exact same personality.She wasn't always my roomate but the day she knocked on it to ask if i was interested in having a roomate was an akward but exciting day. We never get bored of eachother and we are always cracking jokes. We have rearranaged our room around at least six times this year, but the way we have it now is just right and perfect for us. Lauren, Courtney and I are thinking about getting a apartment next year together at either campus court, western view, or campus habitat. That will be a year to remeber.



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