About Me!!!

As you might already know my name is Taylor and this is my second year at Western. I am studying athlete training and hope to get into the program next fall. After completing the program I will go on to graduate school and get my masters in athlete training. I hope to get a job as an athletic trainer in a college or a clinic. I graudate from East Lansing High School in 2012. I love watching college sports my favorite basketball teams are Michigan State, Michigan and Duke. And my favorite football teams are Michigan State, The Ohio State and Western Michigan. My favorite month is March because of March Madness. This year I hope to go the championship in Texas.

Favortie Basketball Team

duke MSU u of m


Favorite Football Team

the ohio state MSU u of maryland

Best Friends

I have four best friends, there names are Alexis, Autumn, Tiana and Alexis. Everyone goes to different schools expect me and Alexis we both attend WMU. Autumn goes to University of Michigan, Alexis goes to Spellman College and Tiana goes to LCC. We all have been friends since high school. Even though we all are at different school we all talk every day and are just as close as we were when we were in high school. I love them each and I think will be friends forever.








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