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My name is Taylor McGhee, you may be wondering why I created this web-page and the answer to that question, is because I am in a computer class for my major and this is an assignment. I am a sophomore at WMU, and I am studying athlete training and plan to one day to work with professional team or become a doctor. I really interested in athletic training because I enjoy sports and I also like helping people and getting them back to what they love to do. I am a very outgoing and enjoy doing many different things such as hanging out with friends and watching sports. I am invoked in many campus activities such as YBBW and CAB, I love being apart of different groups across campus because it gets a feeling of commiuty in a place that can some times feel lonely. I grew up in Baltimore and moved to East Lansing. I love living in a college town, there is always something to do and interesting things coming to campus.


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