Vince Torano
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Artist Statement

I am particularly interested in making paintings that have the potential to tell stories or elaborate on myths using allegory and a pictorial idiom that is visually opulent and complex.  The historical role that painting has had, as an aesthetic artifact prized for its own sake and used as currency by those with economic and political power is fascinating.  In this sense one may understand my paintings to be an homage to the enduring western painting tradition, however they also question this role by appealing strictly to painting’s linguistic and hermeneutic value.
My paintings are populated by images that have evocative qualities for me.  The worlds probed within each work are personal and diaristic even though they paraphrase passages from the art historical record and are also indebted to the subtexts of contemporary culture.  Central to their meaning is my perception of folly, the carnival grotesque, the absurd and the deep-seated preoccupation with affluence, prestige and physical beauty found in our culture.  The paintings attempt to probe the attitudes and behavior of men and women.  My intent is not to trivialize our lives but to deal with a host of ideas, which lend themselves to subtle humor and irony.