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Todd Marriott

My name is Todd Jonathan Marriott. I am currently a student attending Western Michigan University. This site will tell you a little bit more about myself and my major.

About me

I am a junior at WMU this year. I was born and raised in Jackson. This is only my second year at WMU my first two years of college were spent at Jackson Community College were I played basketball. My hobbies include playing basketball, lifting and hanging with my friends.

Graphic and Printing Science

My major here at WMU is Graphic and Printing Science which is the study and application of printing processes such as digital printing, flexography, lithography, and gravure. This major also includeds many small sub fields such as color management, ink production, press management, pre-press, post-press, quality, packaging, and many more. This is an industry that creates millions of consumer products everyday. Examples of these products are cereal boxes, newspaper, flyers, t-shirts, and millions more.

General Business

My minor I am studying while at WMU is General Business. General Business deals with how to ethically conduct yourself in the workplace plus classes such as statistics, accounting, law environment, and marketing skills. This is very essential especially to me because my major goal in the printing idustry one day is to become a production manager and with this major and minor combo I will have the skills to one day achieve this goal.