As an Economics Major you focus on the systematic study of production, how to conserve resources in conditions of scarcity, as well as having an idea about these processes. There are plenty of job opportunities for a person with an economics majors ranging from being a teacher to owning a business. Economics is for students who have good verbal and written communication skills, especially when it comes to presentations and interviews. Typically people who are interested in mathematics, statistics and social and economic problems will excel in this field.

            Some jobs that might interest someone in this field could be analyzing data or information. In this field you are going to be identifying the underlying principles, reasons, facts and data by breaking it down into several parts that can be easily interpreted. Another career that someone in the Economics department that you might enjoy could be interacting with computers. In this field you will find yourself using a computer to program, write software, set up functions, program data, and even process information. One more job that students in the economics field might be interested in is training and teaching others, which you would train others the way of economics.

            Salaries for Economic majors pay very well for the jobs that you are able to do. The average income of an economics majors is around $100,000 a year. The median hourly wage is approximately $48.38, with approximately 13,600 people employed nationally each year. Economics is a great career to have especially if you have the right qualities to enjoy being an economics major.



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