Computers-Technology: Accounting Software Helps Religious Organizations and Other Nonprofits

            In the use of accounting, other businesses such as Religious Organizations and Nonprofit firms are in need of better technology to critique their way of business. Religious Organizations are spreading worldwide and the demand for better technology to help keep track of expense records is essential. Religion, since it is worldwide comes in many different languages. So, accounting software must be available in different language. In the article of Computers-Technology the texts states

When donations from every contributor are entered into the spreadsheet, summary totals can be generated that will tie to the deposit total. Although the preparation of a revenue tabulation spreadsheet requires a significant amount of setup time, the result is an efficient tool for properly identifying designated gifts and creating a source document from which the accounting entry for revenue can be made.” (Taylor 137).

This gives an importance that technology is helping the heads of religious organizations keep track of contributions given to their foundation.  Nonprofit Organizations are in need of software programs that track donors for as long as they wish to. Organizations that do not require profits must still record depreciation on long-lived tangible assets. This enables the reassurance that liability is being recorded no matter how long the time frame is.


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