Collegiate Objectives  
       I am at Western Michigan because both of my parents went here and I know how much fun they had so I knew that if I came here I could have as much fun and find myself along with starting the foundation to a career. Now that I am at Western I am persuring a major in advertising. I know that this is the perfect major for me because advertising will let me show my creativity and ideas and bring them to mass audiences. In high school I found my passion for creating layouts and designing pages for the yearbook. I want to bring that passion to the adversting world.
     Along with coming here to persure a career I am at Western to mature and discover who I am as a young adult away from my parents and childhood peers. As a result of attending college here at Western I have learned so much more about myself than I ever did in my pervious years of schooling.
     After atteding Western I hope to leave with a degree but also a view of the world that I would never have experinced had I not come to Western. I want to leave a more knowledgable and wise person knowing more about the world and myself than I would've ever had known if I had not attended Western.