Collegiate Objective

I entered college to discover myself and to figure out what career pathway I would see best fit for me. I entered college with the idea in my head of majoring in accounting with a minor in finance. Two fields I love very much, and believe I excel in. After taking numerous business related classes at the college level and figuring out more and more about the fields my mind has been all over the place regarding which one I want to choose. What would I want to be doing for the rest of my life is a tough question. The goals I am trying to accomplish while here at Western Michigan University on a more professional and scholarly level are, to achieve a 3 point gpa or higher, get my degree, and graduate with confidence in myself and where it is I am going in the business world. I have been given many tools and opportunities to help me achieve these goals, and a lot of time to utilize them as much as I can. On a more personal level I came to Western with goals such as, meeting new people, making new friends, join as many student organizations as possible, and to open my eyes to the many cultures there are other than mine. Being a freshman I feel as if I have already achieved all of my personal goals, but I am aware that with the amount of time I have left here, I will be given many more opportunities to make new goals, and expand on the ones I have achieved.