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PADM 613:
Local Government Administration
Fall 2003
Case Assignments and 
Review Questions


     Case #1:  "Shifting the Terms of the Debate: Mayor
                        Norm Rice and the Greater Seattle Growth

     Case #2:  "Goodbye Sampson, Inc.?"

     Case #3:  "A Jail in City Center"

     Case #4:  "Politics, User Fees, and Barracudas"

     Case #5:  "Please Be Patient: The Seattle Solid Waste
                        Utility Meets the Press"

     Case #6:  "City Council Hearings in Orsam, Orewash"

     Case #7:  "Welcome to the New Town Manager"

     Case #8:  "Cedar Valley Slowdown"

     Case #9:  "Mayor Stephen Goldsmith: Organizing
                        Competition in Indianapolis"

     Case #10: "Goals for Dallas"

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