I have a very large interest in music. I believe in the future that is most likely what im going to do with my life.

How Music Affects the Brain

Before I got to college my future intentions were to become a nurse anesthetist, but I do not want to do that anymore. My favorite thing in the world is to write songs and sing. Whether it’s a crazy song about lotion or a funny song about my life, when I listen to music a sudden peace comes over me. I feel like I can do anything in the world. It helps me stay calm and stay focused. I’ve been doing stuff related to music all my life. I’ve been singing since I was about 3 or 4 and I teach myself to play the piano, but only a little bit. Basically what I am saying is music has always been in my life and has had a big effect on my brain thus far. When people listen to music it affects their brain.

Music affects many different parts of the brain. Some are the Corpus Callosum, Hippocampus, Cerebellum, and many more. Scientist didn’t realize how much the brain was involved until the early nineties when brain imaging was possible (Cooper). Music has been around me my whole life even when I was in the womb. My mom sang in church and so does my grandma who also plays the piano. I believe this is why I love music so much because I’ve always been around it even before I was born. When babies are in the womb it has been found that when the mother plays music the babies’ heart will change depending on what type of music it is. When it is slow calming music the babies’ heart rate slows, the babies echoes the mothers’ reaction to the music ('The Power of Music' To Affect The Brain).

Also when we listen to music our emotions are effected. There are two kinds of emotions that are effected when listening to music. They are perceived emotions and felt emotions (Cooper). We can listen to pieces of music and understand what emotions the person is trying perceive without feeling the emotions (Cooper). Human functions don’t stimulate the brain as much as music does, music stimulates it more ('The Power of Music' To Affect The Brain).

Music is also helping us to have medical breakthroughs. Mannes believes that music has the power to change neurological deficit because it has so much effect on the brain and the way it works('The Power of Music' To Affect The Brain). In the end music has a very large influence over our brains. It helps us to discover new things about ourselves and helps us with medical breakthroughs.


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