Collegiate Objective

On a professional level, I want to find an area of work that I find very interesting, and that I can excel at so I can be the best at what I do in that profession. To start, I will strive to keep my grades high and surround myself with people that are going into the same profession that have the same drive that I have.  My major is Advertising and I plan on being the best in the business.  In preparation for the future, I would like to participate in internships and externships.  These opportunities will give me a better understanding on what I like and don't like and find the right job for me.  I realize that I need to plan my curriculum around my goals.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to study at a university, and I will not let it go to waste.

        On a personal level, I want to use my college experience to not only grow as a student but as a person.  Not only do I want to learn about what makes me who I am, but I want to discover what makes me happy, and have a purpose.  I am fully aware the obstacles I wll run into in life; however, I truly believe that what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. The people that I will meet in life and the people that have been in my life will all help me shape into the man that I hope to become.