All life is a fascination; Bill stands at the threshold of its discovery. He works with relationships, seeks stories in which the most common of life’s truths are validated: movement of the hidden and the visible, of composite and simple forms. It is possible to represent the world as a singular from for uniting thruths with absurd, matter with movement, lethargy with dynamics- a gesture with its own internal meaning. We could continue naming an infinite series of comparisons, without of course forgetting to mention the special relationship between photographer and model. Portrait, figure, and figurative composition are highly personal themes, which are dependent upon impressions of the immediate. Whoever takes an interest in this, reads their own unique incommunicable experience from which is composed, as from one’s own silence, the image of the soul.
Bill’s experience has not been a long one however and seems to be an extremely conscientious one, giving priority to the discovery of humanity- its strengths and weaknesses. While recently reading T.S. Eliot’s essay dedicated to Milton’s poetry, I was struck by a passage which is now coming back to mind. It’s essential relevance is evident, it is necessary only to replace the word “poetry” with another art form. There exists a body of poetry in which it is possible only with difficulty, to discern the components of its nearly imperceptible quality which distinguishes it from ordinary observation. The representation of that in which this imperceptible transposition is rooted can, through poetry, be made by such observations; however it is precisely these ordinary observations which themselves created the poetry. With Milton it is the maximum transformation of ordinary language; here it is the form of the presentation, through the intermediary of one’s own sight, presentiment, and the life experience of others.
I would like to wish for Bill that he discover his unique from of representing this art of communication, that he not be driven towards imitation, no even of himself.
Translation: S. Dudic)


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